iStill 100 NextGen!


I proudly present … the iStill 100 NextGen! This is the latest – and smallest – edition to the all new NextGen line-up. With 100 liter net boiler content (you guessed that one, right?). In this post I want to share more about the goals we want to reach with this units and about the specifications the iStill 100 NextGen offers.


We introduce the iStill NextGen for a few reasons:

  1. As a more affordable, smaller size still for the Craft Distiller;
  2. As a product development still for Craft Distilleries that also run (or want to run) our bigger NextGen units;
  3. As a training still for in our iStill Centers;
  4. As a still for the homedistiller in those countries where homedistilling is allowed.


By introducing a smaller, less automated still, that does not – contrary to the other, bigger NextGen units – have an agitator or boiler radiator for mashing or fermenting.

It can be ordered electrically or gas fired. In case of the electrically heated version, we go for a very special form of system integration: steady state distilling. More on that later. First, let’s dive in to the specs!


Here are specifications:

  • 100 liter net boiler content;
  • 237 centimeters high, 50 by 50 centimeters wide;
  • Square (and insulated) boiler design;
  • 3 inch column;
  • SPP-packed;
  • 3.5 kW low density heating element (<9.5 W/cm2);
  • 12 cm diameter manhole;
  • 1 inch drain;
  • Gin hook in the boiler;
  • NanoCell Catalyst Holder;
  • Manually operated needle-valve with 1080 degrees (3 full rotations) easy fine-tuning;
  • Boiler, column base, column, and cooler temperature probes;
  • 3 inch legs;
  • 8 belts you can use to add a parrot, computer screen, and more;
  • Heat-up time is 2 hours;
  • Production time is 5 to 7 hours;
  • It will take an 8% beer (or wine) to a 60% Hearts cut in one go;
  • Producing up to 8 liters per hour;
  • It takes a 30% low wines charge to 95% Vodka in one go;
  • Producing up to 5 liters per hour.

Steady State Still

I designed the column, packing, standard needle-valve opening and power input in such a way that they work together perfectly. You just throw an 8 to 10% wash in the boiler, plug it in, and it will give you 60 to 62% Hearts in one go. Just leave the needle-valve at its standard opening.

But if you want to compress Heads, please feel free to close the needle valve and stabilize as long as you want. Collect the Heads, then open the needle-valve to the maximum opening and you will again get Hearts at 60 to 65%.

And if you want to keep Tails at bay? Then you just close the needle valve a little bit during the second half of the run.

No need to play with power settings or needle-valve openings: the unit is designed as a steady state still. It will make perfect whiskey or brandy or rum in one go. And one go is great, because it maximizes taste transfer.

Now, what if you want to make vodka? Easy. You make the whiskey as above, then dilute them to 30% and then rerun them. This time you close the needle-valve half way (540 degrees or 1 1/2 turns) and instead of 60 to 65% you get over 95%.

The great thing about the very easy needle-valve operation is that it trains you to be a distiller. The great thing about the steady state design is that you cannot easily make mistakes: the steady state principle pushes the rig back to its optimum, be it is for taste rich production at 60 to 65% or for pure production at 95%!

A picture of us building the first iStills 100 NextGen …


Do you want to see more? We will upload new pictures in just a few days!

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