NextGen Fermenting!


The iStill NextGen boiler is optimally designed for mashing, fermenting, and distilling. Distilling is about creating gases and cooling them back down again. If you boil, while mashing, you also create gases. And if you ferment CO2 gas is formed. The difference, when compared to distilling, is that the gases produced while boiling or fermenting you don’t want to cool down. You just want to get rid of them. How? Let’s dive in deeper!

Getting rid of gas while mashing or fermenting

If you order the iStill NextGen as a still, it will come with a column. Both our potstill column as well as our robotized column are fitted with a gas release valve. The gas release valve allows the column (and the complete system) to be used for mashing and fermenting, since gases are guided out of the system with ease. But what if you want to use the iStill NextGen for “just” mashing or fermenting? Or what if you want to initially use a NextGen unit for water heating, like one of our Scottish customers? No need to buy a complete column with us, if you don’t (yet) need one. Instead, you just order the “Fermentation Head” at


Here are a few pictures of the “Fermentation Head” and how it is assembled:

Column Base with gin hook, NanoCell Catalyst holder, and flange …


Add the silicone packing and the Fermentation Head …


Close it with the tri-clamp …


Connect your CO2 release hose …


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