Tuesday Tech Talk: NanoCell Catalyst!


Remember we talked about the catalytic functionality of copper during the distillation process, like two weeks ago? And how I informed you that we are developing a new catalyst with unmatched surface area for ultra-effective purification? Well, it is time to reveal to you how it looks and how you can use it.

iStill’s NanoCell Copper Catalyst

iStill’s new and revolutionary NanoCell Copper Catalyst gives the Craft Distiller ultimate control over his sulfur content. As much surface area as a complete copper column, without the hassle of rust, oxidation, copper infected drinks, and long and stressful cleaning operations in what’s basically a few slices of catalytic material.

To match our iStill NextGen columns, the NanoCell Copper Catalyst comes in three sizes: 3 inch, 5 inch, and 8 inch. For the iStill 100 NextGen, the iStill 500 NextGen, the iStill 2000 NextGen, and the iStill 5000 NextGen. Each catalytic section is only one centimeter high!

How to use the iStill NanoCell Copper Catalyst

Easy. Actually … very easy! Every iStill NextGen has a grid in the column base that sits on top of the boiler. This grid is placed three centimeters below the flange where you place the actual column. In between the column base and column, you can now place one, two, or three NanoCells.

One, two, or three? Yes, that’s the question And the answers are very easy:

  1. Use only one Copper NanoCell if you want to make a vodka or neutral, since these ferments are relatively low on sulfurs;
  2. Use two Copper NanoCells if you want to make a whiskey or rum, since these ferments in general have moderate levels of sulfer in the fermentation;
  3. Use up to three Copper NanoCells if you want to make fruit brandy, because fruit brandy fermentations in general create a lot of sulfurs.

“Do you want some more coffee, Odin?”


“No thanks!”


“I do want some more Copper NanoCells, though.”



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tech Talk: NanoCell Catalyst!

  1. You guys never stop! Innovation on a daily basis…. I want to upgrade my iStill, just so I can have one of the next gen ones! Hopefully in the coming months I can warrant it.

    • You will love the new units, Craig! And please know that all innovations for the coming decade will be … on the NextGen line-up!

      Regards, Odin.

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