Meet the Column Crew!

Here’s a picture of Erik and Chris and me (well, I am actually taking the picture) talking about th 3 inch column design for the new iStill 100 NextGen. Erik and Chris, and their team, are responsible for building the iStill columns: the new 3 inch diameter one, as well as the 5 and 8 inchers. The potstill columns and the robotized versions.

Erik and Chris come from and live in Woerden, the small city near Amsterdam, where iStill is situated. Sorry ladies, but they are both married! Erik still has young kids and spends most of his off work time with his family. Chris is just too young of mind to go pensionado on us. His hobby is the restoration of old cars. He is currently working on a French fire fighting truck from the 1920’s. A Berlier, if I am not mistaken.

Together, Erik and Chris combine over half a century of experience in metallurgy. They put that experience to great use, helping us design and make the best engineered columns available to the Craft Distilling industry!


5 thoughts on “Meet the Column Crew!

      • Yeah, in about two months. We are building the first series of 3 right now. Heaters were finished today, boilers will be finished by the end of next week, columns we will do after the summer holidays. Next series of 4 to 6 we will start in September.

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