Pictures of the next iStill 2000 NextGen!

Here are a few pictures of the next iStill 2000 NextGen. Is it any different from the previous one? Yes it is! If you look carefully you will see there is an additional flange for the Jet Propulsion Agitation System (JPAS). And there is a hatch at the bottom that will be transformed into a boiler radiator.

This unit will be put in our training facility / showroom for training and testing. In fact, we will use it as a masher/fermenter/potstill. The prototype iStill 500 NextGen that sits next to it will be fitted with the new robotized column. It will be used as a finisher for vodka and gin.

Birdview …


iStill 2000 NextGen and iStill 500 NextGen Prototype …


Flange …


Hatch …


Tackle …


Easy loading …


Ready for transport (unpacked, because the showroom is just around the corner) …


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