Professor Odin and the University of Lille!

Today I had the opportunity to work with France’s brightest! Seven students from the University of Lille visited the Amsterdam iStill Center for a day of distilling and improving the world.

The goal the students and the university have? To help French farmers make more money by helping them distill their surplus fruits into Eau de Vie in an economical viable and environmentally friendly way.

In the morning I explained a lot of the theory behind distillation, zooming in on Eau de Vie making as well as the principles behind ultra low energy management distillation. During lunch we visited our new assembly hall and design center. During the afternoon the students and I tried to see how a mobile distillation truck, with its inherent inefficient diesel engine (at 30% efficiency, it looses 70% of energy), could be put to use to actually make the process of distillation at separate farms economically and environmentally feasible.

Underneath some pictures of what was a great day:

Morning session …

Lunch time at the factory …


Afternoon brainstorm …

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