iStill Design Studio


On behalf of the iStill Team I proudly present the iStill Design Studio! The iStill Design Studio is an online tool that helps you configure your ideal iStill in just a few easy steps.

For example

Say you want to configure an iStill 500 NextGen as an electrically heated potstill with on the grain distillation capability, then you choose as follows:

  1. iStill 500 NextGen boiler (instead of the 2000 liter version);
  2. Electrical heating (instead of gas heating);
  3. Jet Propulsion Agitator;
  4. No, you don’t need the boiler radiator;
  5. You do want the potstill column though.

In five simple steps, that take less than a minute to complete, you now have configured your ideal iStill. And if you want to get insight in its performance, you can ask for a performance sheet. You can also plan a Skype call to learn more about what the iStill NextGen you configured can do for you. Or, if you want to order right away, you can ask for a quotation.

Please, check it out at:!1/wik5a


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