Testing the NextGen Stripper Column!


The NextGen column is a special column for those that want to pot distill. It aims to deliver the highest distillation speeds for potdistillers, gin makers, and those that want to use their NextGens as fermenters and then strip. The column does not offer the control or versatility of our packed and robotized column, but suits the goals of many Craft Distillers at an affordable price point.


With the new stripper column, the Craft Distiller can produce 50 liters of distilled spirits per hour. Low wines or maybe gin, if you want to use this combination for gin production or fast stripping.

And the iStill 2000 NextGen? Hold on tight … so you don’t get blown away! The iStill 2000 NextGen produces 125 liters of low wines or gin per hour.

Putting these numbers in perspective

Say we want to strip 500 liters of wash that’s 8%. It will take two hours to heat-up and 2 1/2 hours to run. That’s a total run time of 4.5 hours.

If you want to charge the iStill 500 NextGen with 500 liters of 30% alcohol to make a gin, the total run time (heating-up included) would take only 6 hours.


Here are a few pictures of us testing a stripper column on top of an electrically heated iStill 500 NextGen. And a few results underneath!

Integrated Gardena couplings for easy cooling …


Heating-up …


Testing the stripper column …



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