NextGen Column Packing


For those of you who are not familiar with column packing, a short introduction. You can fit distillation columns with trays or plates for additional redistillations. They help create a purer product, but at tremendous costs and inflexibility.

So here’s the solution we have been offering for the last four years: column packing that is made up from special springs that, once filled with reflux, start to act as little distilleries of their own.

Our column packing is increadibly versatile, effective and affordable. Helped by the automated and robotized column management system, it will give the Craft Distiller anything from one (1) to thirty (30) distillations in the same column. A column that does not need to be much higher than one (1) meter.

So our column packing is a great performer. That’s a good thing. And guess what? It just got better!

The Challenge

Not all springs were created equal. They look equal, but due to the manufacturing process there are minute differences between each and every unit. If we make a column packing unit (or spring) of – say – 10 x 10 mm, we would actually see small variances from 99.4 to 10.6 mm

Small differences? Small differences, indeed! But what if we were able to eliminate those variances all together? Well, that would mean a gain in column performance of 5 to 10%. That’s almost a liter of 96.5% per hour, in Pure Mode!

And since that is no small achievement, my team has devoted a lot of time in creating just that: NextGen column packing.

The Solution

We upgraded our SPP machines and further automated them. We have installed 3d camera imaging for reference checking. This way, every unit gets manufactured at its exact model size. With our new approach and beefed up automation, each and every spring of our new NextGen column packing is now made to perfection, with its reference checked, and with individual certification.

The Result

We offer our new NextGen column packing to our new NextGen customers. Both in stainless steel (for the column) and in copper (for the catalyst). Both sized to the 5 inch column that sits on top of the iStill 500 NextGen and to the 8 inch column that sits on top of the iStill 2000 NextGen.

The NextGen column packing is shipped with the NextGen units in special bags, that are sealed and air tightened.


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