Firmware Upgrade Service!


The Firmware Upgrade Service allows you to upgrade to a higher version of the iStill firmware, with more and enhanced functionality, without physically sending computers over.

The past

When I introduced iStill, we started with firmware version 3.0. It had Pure Mode and Potdistillation Mode. You could choose filtration or you could bypass the carbon filter. Hecck, you could even dial in different temperatures for Fores collection!

Over the generations, we added Heads collection, Tails collection, power management and so much more. We are now at firmware version 5.18 and releasing new functionality pretty much every one to two months.

But there is a vast difference between making new, upudated firmware available and our customers actually getting that firmware in and using it. In practice, whenever someone wanted a new version of the firmware, we had to ship him a new computer with updated firmware. And upon reception the customer had to ship the old computer back to us. A bit complicated for our customers, and very expensive for us.

Learning points

Based on our own experience, and benefitting from feedback from our customers from all around the world, we have worked hard on further improving the firmware. We have also put a lot of thinking into the question how to release and distribute improved firmware to you. Our ever improving firmware makes distilling easier. Now, let’s make distribution of our firmware easier as well!

The future

We introduce the Firmware Upgrade Service to make the distribution of our latest firmware easier. Using the Firmware Upgrade Service will allow us to update your firmware remotely. All you have to do is connect your iStill computer to your laptop. All we have to do is send you the iStill Connector. The connector is small and needs to be shipped only once. You can use it for current and future upgrades. And when the iStill Connector is in, we install the latest firmware for you!

Step by step

  1. You order the Firmware Upgrade Service;
  2. We ship you the iStill Connector as well as a short manual;
  3. We plan a time and date to upgrade your firmware to the latest version;
  4. At that time and date you connect the iStill computer to your laptop;
  5. We use Teamviewer to upgrade you in just a few minutes!




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