2 thoughts on “iStill TV is back online!

  1. wow, thanks for sharing these videos. But still hoping for seeing more posts about the fermentation and its often really a hard work to manner the technique of ferment a malt wort fine. Don’t know what kind of yeast to use, don’t know how to make sure the wort is already to be distilled(by seeing sugar Ps or ABV or just by seeing the time?) And, I’ve read out all your posts especially about how a still should be designed, that really enlighten me a lot. But I still confused in Pot stills parts, it seems that the scotchs use only pot stills in all wash stills and spirit stills. Is a single column can really do the same work as the scotch’s dose? Above all, I want to say thanks to you: Odin. Thanks for sharing so much articles in your blog so that there is a chance to let me dive in these techniques and even think about the problems above. Thank you.

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