Ultimate Performance!

What we are working on

We are working on some design upgrades that can be retrofitted to our current iStill 50/250/500 family. And for sure they will be standard on our new models!

Our goals

The goals? There are two goals we want to achieve:

  1. Ultimate performance in pure mode;
  2. Column flooding protection.

The results

The results are very promissing. We just did a first run with the iStill 50 with the new design upgrades.

Now, let’s start with some normal numbers. Normally, the iStill 50 runs at 2 kw. With that energy input, she is able to produce around 3.25 liters of 96% per hour on a 30% low wines charge. To put things into perspective: this standard setting on a standard iStill 50 shattered the existing world record for a 2 inch columns by one liter.

With the current design, without the upgrades we are currently investigating, but with the (then new) power manager, I was able to push the power to 2.8 kw. Correspondingly, performce jumped to 4.25 liters of 96% per hour on a 30% low wines charge. Occasionaly I have been able to produce as much as 4.5 liters per hour. Again, and to put things into perspective: that is twice as much as the world record prior to when iStill hit the market.

Now, how about the new innovations, Odin? Here they come. With the new designs I was able to throw 4 kw at the column. Not just during the heating up phase, but during the entire run! Did the column flood? No, it didn’t. Did we achieve perfect separation? Yes, we did. And how much did we collect per hour? Close to 6 liters …

Translated to the iStill 250/500 Series? Well, we should be able to solve any column flooding issues any of you may have. And if we translate the first experimental runs from the iStill 50, it should be possible to push the power from at least 9 to 12 kw without any issues, increasing performance by some 30%.



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