iStill 50 Innovations


Given the fact that many Craft Distillers use the iStill 50 for product development, we introduce three new innovations to our smallest stills:

  1. A larger filling port to the boiler;
  2. A tri-clamp for the filling port cap;
  3. An herbs hook attached to the filling port cap.

So if you want to use the iStill 50 for product development, these are the innovations you are looking for and want to order!

Larger Filling Port

The normal filling port to the iStill 50, both the Base and Manual, is 1 inch. The new filling port is 2 inches in diameter and much wider for easier boiler access.

Herbs Hook

We added a hook to the filling port cap. You can use the hook to add a bag of herbs into the boiler. This way, you can make boiler infused gin or spiced rum!


A screw-on cap in combination with an herbs hook would mean you run the risk of folding-up the bag with herbs when closing the filling port. To prevent this from happening, we have added a tri-clamp opening.