Odins Gin!

If you follow the iStill Blog, you probaly know that we reconfigured the Amsterdam iStill Center in such a way that we have a working Boutique Distillery here. And we are using it to develop products. Please know, we do not want to become a full swith Craft Distillery, but we do feel that making and releasing some product will be both fun and meaningful. Meaningful in the way that it helps us push product development even further.

Anyhow, we made a gin, Odins Gin, and it is almost ready to bottle. We have the bottles, but we are still working on the label. Together with Brum Design.

Here are a few pictures of our team and the label proposals we discussed earlier today!

Chris, from iStill, and Tessa, Managing Director at Brum’s …


The first two bottle designs …


Number 3 and 4 …


I like the shine through on this label!