iStill 250 … VISION!?!

It was only like 3 1/2 years ago that we introduced the iStill 250 to the distilling scene. And then, like half a year later, we launched the 50 liter iStill VISION, with its all glass column.

The reason that we launched the all glass 50 liter VISION model had everything to do with Craft Distillers having that crush on beautiful, traditional copper. The glass unit made the discussion “but I want a copper still to show off” pretty much obsolete. Looking at a copper still is nice, but looking inside a still is much nicer!

But another discussion started. Many people approached me, asking for a 250 liter glass still. I had to disappoint them. The iStill 250 “of old”, or the iStill 250 Base Series, as we name it today, has a 102 centimeters high column. We could have made that column out of glass, but we just were not sure it would be sturdy enough to survive in an industrial environment.

That now has changed. The new iStill 250/500 Pro Series has a segmented column. And that means we can fit it with 4 glass column sections instead of stainless steel segments.

You  may have noticed that I am actually running an iStill 250 Pro Series VISION in the Amsterdam iStill Center right now. If you didn’t notice, please see the picture underneath.

Running it is testing it. First results? Even though the glass column segments are only 26 centimeters instead of 36 centimeters high, it is perfectly capable of producing 190 proof. It can do so at 12 to 14 liters per hour. Stripping and finishing in Potstill mode gives you 28 to 20 liters per hour.

Today, with the new iStill 250/500 Pro Series, you can choose for an all glass column. You won’t suffer in the performance department. You will gain in customer experience. Okay, just so you know: it will cost you more money: three more glass column sections will add EUR 2.995,- to the bill … but the customer experience is truly awesome!

iStill 250 Pro Series VISION …


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