Moonshine Maniacs Workshop!

With over 10 distillers visiting us for the Moonshine Maniacs Workshop, I think we can safely say this introductionary course to distilling was a success!

The course, a blend from theory and practice, saw participants from Australia, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. We started out early. Like around 9 am. At 5 pm the workshop finished and the tastings began. How late we ended? Well, most of the tennants joined us for dinner. Good wines and great food. I think we asked for the bill at around 11 at night!

The goal of the course was to teach distillers the basics of distlling. How to ferment and how to distill. And how to use iStill equipment in the process. During the day we did two stripping runs and a finishing run. We produced a sugar head moonshine whiskey.

Coming Saturday Nick and I willl give the second Moonshine Maniacs Workshop. Some of our Belgian participants plan on turning the course into a nice, long weekend. They come with a trailer and will stay the whole weekend! The third Moonshine Maniacs Workshop is one week later and is already fully booked as well.

Do you want to learn more about distilling? Not just the basics, but also some of my newest theories on how to distill above top shelf product? Please visit the website and check out our rum, whisky, and gin courses. There are still some places available!!workshops/hgqbd


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