From Growth to Professionalization …

The iStill Organization is growing. And to manage growth, I feel we need to professionalize further. To reach that goal, we are hiring new people. Please allow me to introduce Alda, Chris, Nick, Eric, Guido and Chef!

First but not least … let’s start with Guido and Chef. You may remember them from a previous Blog post. Guido and Chef are helping me establish a worldwide craft distribution system. Try-out in the second quarter of 2016 and a potential “go live” moment in early 2017, that’s what they are striving for.

With the new Amsterdam iStill Center ready, we want to give more and more workshops. Education is a great way to train people in distilling as well as in teaching them how to use the iStills to the best of their capabilities. Given his experience in both distilling and running iStills, I invited Nick to the team as our new trainer. He will give most of the EU-based workshops. Nick is also the iStill Forum’s administrator.

Chris is our new management trainee. If all goes well, he will become responsible for first line customer support. He will also help me with marketing.

What’s Eric going to do at the iStill organization? Well, he measures close to 7 feet and has a beard. So guess what? He’s training to become our new Master Distiller. He will work the beautiful stills we have in our showroom slash boutique distillery. First project? Limoncello! Second one? Grasovka!

Alda, a trained registered accountant, is our new financial manager. It is her task to help streamline and professionalize our administrative procedures. She will take over accounting from me and devote time to management information as well.

Studying on some invoices, Alda?


Regards, Odin,

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