Catalyst Cleaning System

Catalyst functionality (recap)

The iStill Catalyst helps clean up sulfur rich ferments. During the distillation cycle, the copper in the catalyst reacts with the sulfur and neutralizes it. This gives you a smoother drink.

We choose a catalyst, because an all copper column is prone to oxidation. Oxidation hampers performance and contaminates your drink with heavy metals. That’s why working with stainless steel is a much better option. Especially in combination with a dedicated catalyst low in the column. A catalyst that you can take out after a run, to prevent the copper from oxidizing.

Easy Lifting System (recap)

Not long after the iStill Catalyst, we introduced the Easy Lifting System. The ELS allows you to move the column up an inch, so the Master Distiller can take the catalyst out and put the copper packing under 45% alcohol to prevent oxidation between runs.

Catalyst Cleaning System (yes, all new!)

To make it easier for you to store or clean your catalyst and its copper packing, we introduce the all new Catalyst Cleaning System. After a run, you take out the catalyst and add the Catalyst Cleaning System. All  you need to do now is add the 45% alcohol. Well, after closing the drain, off course!

Do you want to run again? No problem! You open the Catalyst Cleaning System, drain the alcohol and refit the catalyst below the column, and off you go.

The Catalyst Cleaning System is available for all of our stills from this moment onwards. The Manual and the Base Series as well as for the Pro Series. With the Pro Series the Catalyst Cleaning System works with easy clamps. The Catalyst Cleaning System to the iStills Manual and Base Series works with wingnuts.

Introduction offer

Customers that order an iStill (with catalyst off course) in January or February will get the Catalyst Cleaning System for free!

Catalyst and Catalyst Cleaning System before assembly …


Assembled …


Top …


Bottom …


4 thoughts on “Catalyst Cleaning System

  1. Search does not explain how to use cleaning system for cleaning copper using citric acid & hydrogen peroxide only how to maintain using 45% alcohol.

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