The Amsterdam iStill Center


Refurbishment is all but done. What the new Amsterdam iStill Center offers? A great showroom, where you can see our stills in operation. An educational center, where you get trained in how to use our advanced distillation equipment. An actual boutique Craft Distillery, where you can experience how it is to start up your own!


The Amsterdam iStill Center displays a 1000 liter iStill Masher/Fermenter. A 1000 liter unit that helps you mash as well as ferment. In the most controlled manner, due to the double boiler design, automated cooling and heating, and touch screen computer interfacing.

We also have an iStill 500 Pro Series. Our non plus ultra robotized 500 liter still for whiskey, rum, brandy, gin and vodka making. Next month its slightly smaller brother, the iStill 250 Pro Series, will be assembled as well.

The iStill 250 and 50 Base Series will also be present, as well as the iStill VISION (our all glass still) and the iStill 50 Manual and iStill Pump System.

The iStills 500 and 250 Pro Series will be used for workshops and for the actual production of a variety of drinks. The iStill 50 Base and iStill 50 Manual will be used during workshops, for hands-on training purposes.

Educational Center

The new Amsterdam iStill Center will not just serve as a showroom. It will also be used to give workshops. A basic course teaches you about fermenting and distilling. We call this course the Moonshine Maniacs Workshop, because we actually make a sugar based moonshine whiskey. Maybe more important: it gives you a great introduction into advanced distilling. The revolutionary theory behind it as well as how we designed our stills to help you reap the benefits of iStill’s modern innovations.

After following the introductionary course, there are other workshops to choose from: on single malt whisky making, on gin making and on rum making. Mashing, specific yeast and fermentation management techniques as well as (automated) cuts management for above top shelf product are at the core of these workshops. Challenging theory and practical, hands-on experience combined.

Apart from the aforementioned group sessions, for up to 8 trainees, the iStill Center will be used for one on one training sessions for people interested in ordering (or wanting to order) an iStill Distillery. These are one to two day events that are tailored to the customer’s wishes.

Craft Distillery

Under the label “New Dutch Legacy”, we will produce a huge variety of spirits at the Amsterdam iStill Center. The goal is not to become a full fledged Craft Distillery, with product on the shelf around the world. The goal is to give visitors a real Craft Distillery experience. You want to get your hands dirty? You are welcome to visit and help us!

Also, we will use the new equipment to support even more Craft Distillers with their product development. Already many of today’s Craft Distilled gins, whiskies and vodkas as well as rums have our signature to it. With a bigger capacity for product development, we are pretty sure we can help out even more of you with ever more exotic recipes.

Last but not least, the much bigger production capacity provides (especially) European start-up distilleries with a place where they can outsource part of their production. With a dedicated Master Distiller to help you out in the persuit of making the best product possible.

More …

Yes, there will be more! The second floor will be refurbished as well. That’s where we will put our bar, conference room, and tasting room. That’s the next project. I didn’t put up a planning yet, but expect to see this take shape in the third quarter of 2016. The third floor will be refurbished as well. It will contain the offices from where we work.


The iStill Masher/Fermenter, Odin, and the iStill 500 Pro Series …


The barrel room …


Our stills at your service …


Training and workshops …


In good spirits …


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