Psst … wanna hear some secrets?

I will share a few secrets with you. Not secrets anymore, now that I share them, but – hey! – at least you were the first one to hear them.

Here we go. The new iStill 250/500 Pro Series has a few (maybe more than a few) innovations. Here’s what I want to share with y’all:

  1. High-pressure CIP;
  2. Reflux Centration System;
  3. Tails Suppression System;
  4. USB Update Service;
  5. Upgraded Systems Resistance to Hazards.

High-Pressure CIP

The high-pressure Cleaning In Place System allows you to clean out the column with even more ease. The water is injected into the column at high speed, to ensure even better and shorter cleaning cycles. Real world numbers? The normal 5 minute cleaning cycle time is now reduced to just 3 minutes. A two minute time saver, Odin, why? Well, because we can!

Reflux Centration System

I already mentioned this, so this is not really a secret. Well, to some of you it still may be so … here we go (again). Each column section of the Pro Series has a Reflux Centration System that scoops reflux from the inside column wall and deposits it at the senter of the packing. Again, not a huge saver, but it will improve performance by some 5%!

Tails Suppression System

This unique new technology allows, as the name suggests, for better Tails suppression. Without diving too deep into all the tech & theory behind it, please know that the column is now equiped with a reduced vapor speed zone.

The reduced vapor speed allows especially the heavy Tails related molecules to be phase shifted to liquid state (condense) and drip back into the boiler.

In short? It gives the Craft Distiller more control over how to smear early Tails into Hearts (essential to rum and whiskey making) and can also be used to further purify a vodka.

Do you need to dial in anything for the Tails Suppression System to be activated? No, the really great news is that it is a standard feature that does its work automatically. Its integral to the newly designed column.

USB Update Service

We equiped the new computer with a USB port and new updated hardware. If we develop a new version of our firmware, and you want to order it, we just send you a USB Stick with the new program. You insert the USB Stick into the new iStill computer and the firmware upgrades automatically.

Upgraded System Resistance to Hazards

The electronics are now designed to withstand 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. You take them out and plug them in and they work fine. Not that we want you to take your iStill to the swimming pool with you, but just so you know how much time and effort we dedicated to build you the best and most sturdy rig possible.



2 thoughts on “Psst … wanna hear some secrets?

  1. Odin,

    With regards to the USB upgrade, would it not be more efficient if we could download it from your website instead of mailing the USB stick? Just a thought.


    • I think that is a great solution Adam. We may persue it laterr on. At this moment we feel the USB solution already helps us out tremendously, because it is so much easier to ship than complete computers. And it allows us to do it with full security on the program. If someone wants to peek in just not possible.

      Regards, Odin.

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