Official Release of the iStill 250/500 Pro Series!


A few words, and a few words only. The pictures will tell the story better than I can. So swiftly, if I can refrain myself, here we go …

On behalf of the iStill Team, I am proud to officially release the iStill 250/500 Pro Series! The ultimate, all-automated, and most versatile still in the world that helps the Craft Distiller make great whiskey, brandy, rum, gin or vodka.

Pro Series? Yes, like in the next step in Craft Distilling. No more, but definately no less. A step forward? A leap forward!

Do you think the iStill 250 changed Craft Distilling? Are you among the hundreds of customers that use one, because you felt it was taking efficiency, ease of use, and versatility to a whole new level? See the pictures underneath and know that our all new Pro Series changes the game even further.

Where the iStill 250 took distilling technology from the 19th century to the 21st century, the Pro Series lands you in the 22nd century. I am not kidding you.

How? Total system integration, and complete automation and robotization, combined with new innovations to further improve the performance of our unique REALM column management system. And all ATEX Certified.

In plain English? Automated cuts. Automated and separated collection of Fores, Heads, Hearts, and Tails. Reflux Centration System. Segmented column. Integrated computer system and integrated cooling system. Ultimate performance and ultimate versatility. Heck, it even has a parrot!

Why? Well, so it can work optimally together with our new and about to be released Automated Hydroseparation System. Just as it is pre-opted to work with our new, stand-alone iStill Filtration System.

More on that later. For now … please enjoy the pictures!


The all new iStill 500 Pro Series …


New Catalyst and Easy Lifting System …


Each column segment is tri-clamped and has its own ELS …


Integrated Robotized and Automated LM Design …


Integrated Cooling System …


Robotized Cuts Collection …


A little secret I will share later …


Upgraded boiler, computer, and heating system …


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