New iStill line-up for 2016!


We are constantly upgrading our distilling equipment. But some upgrades are bigger than others. This iStill Blog post is about a big upgrade. Why? Because we see that the market is changing.

Trends, thoughts, and answers

Not everyone uses the iStills for the same thing. Some use the iStills 250 and 500 for just vodka and gin making, others use them for whiskey, rum or brandy. Some use our stills for finishing, others use them for stripping and finishing, be it in one go or via a 1.5 distillation approach. And more and more customers use our stills to make all of their products on. Not just vodka or gin, but rum, brandy, neutral and whiskey as well.

The fact that Craft Distillers around the world use our equipment for an increadible variety of products and procedures, means that we feel that the augmented versatiliy we have been aiming for the last years was a good direction. The “one still can do it all” approach will therefore remain the basis of our future design and innovation strategy.

Another trend we see is a movement towards certification. In Europe as well as in Canada, legislators push Craft Distillers to buy certified equipment, prior to granting them distillation permissions. Other countries and regions may follow. That’s why we feel we want to bring fully certified distillation equipment to the market place.

The third trend we want to anticipate on, is that – following in the foodsteps of home brewing – homedistilling is being allowed in more and more countries. Homedistillers are tomorrow’s Craft Distillers, so we did a lot of thinking on how we could get them on board. How can we get them acqainted with iStill and our ground breaking technology? “Affordable pricepoint” may be a good starting position here.

How we deal with the new trends? Here is our new segmentation and 2016 product line-up!

iStill for the homedistiller

Based on the homedistilling trend, we decided to introduce:

  1. iStill 50 Manual at EUR 1.295,-;
  2. iStill 50 Base (all automatic) at EUR 1.995,-.

Both units can optionally be equiped with a catalyst and/or power manager.

iStill for the certified Craft Distiller

Based on the certification trend, we introduce:

  1. iStill 250 Pro (with ATEX certification and all new design) at EUR 14.995,-;
  2. iStill 500 Pro (with ATEX certification and all new design) at EUR 19.995,-.

The Pro Series comes with all options included: catalyst, power manager, and upgraded Easy Lifting System. Power module, power manager and computer are integrated. Column cooler, robotized needle-valve and product cooler are also integrated for an additional 10% boost in performance.

iStill for Craft Disttillers everywhere

Based on their great performance and versatility, and the joy they are providing to customers around the world, we will keep the current iStills 250 and 500 models in production. To make the distinction from the newer ATEX certified units clear, we just rename them:

  1. iStill 250 Base at EUR 9.995,-;
  2. iStill 500 Base at EUR 14.995,-.

These units come with power manager, catalyst, and Easy Lifting System included.

What’s next?

All products can be ordered as of now. We are currently redesigning our website to support the new product line-up. Expect an update on that in a few days!

iStill 500 Pro Series under construction …


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