The iStill 50 Manual: the new still for the homedistiller!


The iStill 50 Manualis the new entry level iStill. Its design is aimed at the ever growing number of homedistillers.

The previous post gave more information on its design, functionality, and pricing. This post will tell more about performance. And I will share more pictures!


Strip run (bringing an 8% beer in one go to 40%): 6 – 7 liters per hour;

Finishing run (taste rich Hearts output at 62%): 3 – 4 liters per hour;

Vodka or Pure run (96.5% output on a boiler charge of 30%):  2 – 3 liters per hour.

And here are the additional pictures …

The complete iStill 50 Manual package prior to assembly …


The needle-valve / product cooler section …


The product output manifold …