Refurbishing the Amsterdam iStill Center (2)

If you follow the iStill Blog, or if you follow us on Facebook, you probably know we are refurbishing the Amsterdam iStill Center. The goal is to create:

  1. A world-class showroom that displays our bigger equipent as well;
  2. An interactive educational center, where trainees can be trained in mashing, fermenting, distilling and ageing;
  3. A boutique Craft Distillery for advanced product development and price winning likker.

The Still Room is ready. The floor is in. As are the drains. We have 5 new taps in place. Four for cooling the iStills, one to provide the hot water needed for cleaning or fast mashing procedures. We installed new electricity, took out the ceiling, and painted the walls.

All we have to do now is wait another week and a half. That’s when the new equipment will be wheeled in. An iStill Masher/Fermenter 1000, an iStill 500 ATEX to start with. A new iStill 250 ATEX as well as new iStill 50’s and iStill 50’s Base (a new model aimed at the homedistiller) will follow later.

What we did today, is finish the Barrel Room. That’s the place where we store our barrels and where we will be ageing three different kinds of whiskey soon: wheat, single malt, and maltwine whiskey.

Here are the pictures of the Barrel Room:





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