iStill for the homedistiller


We are not just redesigning and upgrading our professional models (expect some pictures on the iStill 500 ATEX next week!) … we are also working on a complete new product range for the homedistiller!

With more and more markets opening up world wide, with more and more countries changing their legislatsion and allowing homedistilling, we want to serve these customers as well. Heck, they may be tomorrow’s Craft Distillers!

What we offer

We will bring 21st century still technology to the homedistiller. At an affordable price. No need for homedistillers to build their own or to work with alambics or cheap Chinese imports. With our new product range, homedistillers can distill anything from whiskey, rum, gin, and brandy to vodka.

Basically, there will be two choices for the homedistiller to pick from. Today, I will focus on the entry level unit we will provide. Provide? Yes, from now on you can order one.  Or two. Don’t hold back. Even with the new website not yet up and running … just email me and we will take it from there. You will  have the new unit in your hands in less than two weeks. What unit? The all new iStill 50 Manual!


Boiler: 60 liter gross, 50 liter net capacity, and insulated;

Heating: electrical with manual selection of 0, 2 and 4 KW;

Column: packed with SPP and insulated;

Needle-valve: manually operated;

Carbon filter: standard;

Catalyst: optional.

So what’s different?

The iStill 50 Manual differs from the automated iStill 50 in three ways:

  1. The needle-valve is no longer robotized, but manually controlled;
  2. There is no computer, but an analogue thermometer array;
  3. Pricing!


The iStill 50 Manual can be used for stripping and finishing. It can actually finish an 8% beer, by pumping out Hearts at 60%, in one go. This allows the homedistiller to make taste rich products like whiskey, brandy, rum or gin.

The iStill 50 Manual also allows the homedistiller to influence reflux ratio’s. Closing the needle-valve a bit will result in more reflux. The reflux will activate the packing and create more re-distillations.

By manipulating the needle-valve, the iStill 50 Manual can push any ABV boiler charge to 96.5%. Great for making vodka!

Since the iStill 50 Manual is equiped with a carbon filter, the homedistiller has the choice to turn any drink into a neutral base that can be used in, for instance, liqueur making.


The iStill 50 Manual costs EUR 1.295,-. That’s with VAT (where applicable) and transport included.

Column, column cooler, manual power box, assorted parts …


Analogue thermometer array …


Manual power box …


3 thoughts on “iStill for the homedistiller

  1. Hi in your blog you are updating your professional models as well what are you doing to them is it on itsell 50 and 250?

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