2016 is going to be so much fun!

The year 2016 will be about more steps forward … and I love informing you about them! But where to start? Well, let’s start at the end. Tails that is. And work our way … forward?

Tails control

The new firmware with ultimate Tails control is ready. If only the Amsterdam iStill Center was ready as well … I could actually test it and bring it to Firmware version 6.0! How it works? Well, in the yet to be tested (sorry!) Beta version, you dial in a number for Tda. It’s not the computer that decides on the boiling point of ethanol, but you deciding on the ABV you want to collect at.

Say you want to collect at 62.5% or 125 proof (for whatever reason) … you dial in the associated temperature, the iStill will compensate for air pressure or altitude … and give you that ABV all run long. What this means in practice? That you can dial in a potstill run with the needle-valve actively working for you. Working for you in such a way that it will help you get a certain ABV. Like this: when ABV in the boiler drops … the needle-valve will close a bit to create more reflux for a (slightly) higher ABV.

More reflux meaning … more redistillations. And more redistillations translating into more and more Tails control …

ATEX certified iStill 250 and iStill 500

From now on, we sell ATEX certified versions of the iStill 250 and iStill 500. This means that these iStills are now certified to run in the worst environments possible. And we took the opportunity to add a lot of new design features. More on that later. Sorry to spoil the anticipated fun, but really … more on those new design features later!

So what! You can’t wait? Here’s the solution. Start participating on the iStill Forum and you will be the first to be informed! Go there, register, send me an email with your user name (verification!) and you are allowed on. In fact … register … do a little research … and you will find out that all the information is there already. Shhh … all the information on the new ATEX iStills 250 and 500 and their great new design features.

Purification to the max!

In 2016 iStill will release a new filtration system. Stand alone. With (as I envision it right now) 4 filters matched up to one another:

  1. Five Micron filter, leading to a …;
  2. One Micron filter, leading to a …;
  3. 1/4th Micron filter, leading to a …;
  4. Carbon filter.

Stand alone and powered by a heavy duty pump system, to combine effectivity with efficiency. If you feel “vodka” and “neutral” are synonyms, you really need the all new and yet to be released … iStill Filtration System.

Upgraded iStill Fermenter functionality

If you follow this Blog, you know the iStill Fermenters are so much more than just fermenters. Why? Well, because they help you out with mashing as well. As long as you do step down mashing and stay below the 75 degrees Centigrade mark.

That made the iStill Fermenter good (especially in combination with the iStill Water Cooker) at mashing single malts, flaked grains, and grain syrups.

Guess what? We beefed up the iStill Fermenter’s mashing capabilities! With the latest software upgrade, the iStill Fermenters (yes, available at 1000, 2000 and 3000 liter capacity) are now capable of maintaining a temperature of 90 degrees C instead of “just” 75 C!

You know … in combination with the iStill Water Cooker and the enzymes mentioned one post down the road … that may just mean you can liquify pretty much any grain bill for your whiskey … with just the iStill Fermenter.


Okay, enough tech babble, Odin! In laymen’s terms, please!

Here we go: by enabling the iStill Fermenters to maintain higher temperatures, you can now use them to pretty much mash any grains as well as clean up your molasses to the max.

The all new iStill Filtration System will make a neutral out of any vodka, whiskey, brandy or rum.

New firmware will allow you to keep Tails at bay as long … as you wish.

The new ATEX certified iStills 250 and 500 give you ultimate performance, even under the harshests of conditions.

In laymen’s terms? The year 2016 will be so much fun! Please know that you are invited to join me on that great road trip!

At your service …



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