Refurbishing the Amsterdam iStill Center!

Hi there,

We are currently refurbishing the iStill Center. What we are doing? We are transforming it into a real Craft Distillery. With the iStill Masher/Fermenter 1000, the iStill 500, the iStill 250, the iStill 50, and the iStill VISION. And the iStill Pump, off course!

All units will be fully operational, so people who visit us, can play with pretty much all the toys we have to offer. And it will be a great set-up for classes as well, since we can do the full process: grinding, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging.

Aging too? Yes! We will have a still room and a barrel room. But we are not there yet. There is still quite some refurbishing to be done. Drains, water in and out, beefed-up electricity, a new floor, and more.

Here are a few first pictures. Of how it looks now, like half way down the road. Oh, and there will be some more interesting news soon! Remember I told you we now ATEX certified the iStill 250 and 500? Well … you are in for a surprize. We restyled them completely. On the one hand we had to. ATEX required it. On the other hand … we took advantage of the momentum and have a pretty  new take on its design. Believe me, you will be amazed. In a few weeks that is, when we open the new iStill Center and introduce the new iStill 250 and 500 series!

Regards, Odin.




2 thoughts on “Refurbishing the Amsterdam iStill Center!

  1. Hey, I have actually happened to open your site here seeking Odin’s webpage! I was seeking info on his recipe for a “Odin’s Corn Flake Wiskey” off the moderndistiller site and looking to find out what size batch it was ! A 5, 6, or 7 US Gal batch?? My only disappointment here has been I haven’t found the recipe, ha!! This was quite a few hours ago and I haven’t left the page!! Ha!!

    A question or two please! -And I like what I’ve seen and read here, I’m that impressed!
    1. For the North American, hey the Canadian market really! The 50’s -either model, as these would be what I would realistically be interested in. Would they be strictly electric or gas either natural or propane? If only electric I haven’t found what sort of load they are rather how power thirsty in the ratings they are! I can remember reading about a model that only used up so much of a paltry gas bill but I couldn’t tell if that was a N American market version or not! Yet I have also read rather found an even small passing comment that I think only mentioned what the burners ran on, I think it was en electric burner but I can’t find it again! 2. The requirements for cooling water for these, are they needing strictly a connection to the house’s water mains to run them (which running a couple hours at a time could get a bit dear for the “home” stiller!) or might there somewhere be some means within to cool the water needed? How cool DOES the water need be? How much water do they take? I can’t find that out! Actually that’s been the biggest reason I’ve been digging on your site is to find out a bit of what’s needed to run these bad boys!
    What there isn’t here on your site is an actual data page of what’s either needed to run these bad boys or a wee preamble sort of thing in that vein! I found two diff places what they cost but nothing more!
    3. Find me how big the recipe for Odin’s Corn Flake Whiskey is! I made one of your DWWG sugar washes before that I’ve simply LOVED!!! It came out that smooth and corny! I’m thinking of mind melding the two recipes together and possibly adding a pkg of barley malt to it minus a kg of sugar!
    4. What is Odin’s website that Odin in ModernDistiller’s page that he refers to??
    My handle in modern and homedist’s site is Greig56. I’ve been at this only since late spring but there’s so much to see and read but I like all I’ve read coming from Odin! Keep up the fight!
    I’m in central Ontario, the brewing’s good and the stillings better! I’ve been doing afew rums of late -hey I’ve got a grain and cheap molasses supplier but three block from my home, but thinking of a changup on a whiskey next!
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Greig McKellar

    • I answered you via normal email, Greig! If you like this … see the next blog post. 20 minutes from now. We will change the world of craft distilling … with the release of our new Pro Series! Counting down as we speak …

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