Craft Distilling Expo 2015 London

Hi there,

I just reached London. Trip went okay. Only the last few miles were a bitch. Pardon my French!

Why am I here? Because tomorrow and the day after the Craft Distilling Expo 2015 takes place. We rented a booth, with the iStill 50 and the iStill VISION on display, and tomorrow I will give “The Future of Distilling Address” to the assembled UK and EU Craft Distillers. Proud to be asked to give it!

Where my address will be about? Well, about some 21st and 22nd century developments.

With the 21st century developments I mean the stuff we already have out there. Nano distilleries (aka SPP), Robotized and Automated Liquid Management Systems (yes, RALM), automation, user interfacing, process integration and how they help reduce total operation costs while boosting quality as well as production.

What I mean by 22nd century developments? Well … some new stuff we found out not long ago. And that we have been testing during 2015. Exciting, right? And we will be bringing it to the market place shortly!

Regards, Odin.

Building-up the booth …


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