We proudly present … the iStill 500!

The iStill 500 uses the proven state-of-the-art technology of the iStill 250 and combines it with a bigger boiler. Bigger? Yes, 500 liter net.

The bigger boiler allows you to do bigger, longer, 8 hour shift runs in one go.

The automation of the column enables automated Fores, Heads, Hearts, early and late Tails collection.

The robotization gives the iStill almost perfect verstatility. It can make whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, neutral, and more!

Here are the first pictures of our first iStill 500. Do you want it? Sorry, this one is already sold. We will ship it to the USA tomorrow. But we plan to make many more, so let us know if you are in for one!

Luke “Skywalker” Pedzich is almost done with assembly …


The iStill 500 …


The iStill 500’s behind …


iStill 500 to iStill Pump connectivity …