Sharing some more innovations

Many small steps equal a big leap

Innovation is a strange beast. Some are big, others are smaller. Bringing the iStill 50/250 Family into existence … is an example of a big innovation. A game changer, actually. And after we introduced these units, we have continuously been adding smaller innovations. Power Manager, iCatalyst, updated Firmware, etc. …

All combined, these smaller innovations may well be just as important, because together they bring the new, big innovations to life. Dreams translated to practice. Theory redesigned to make distilling great product easier in your day-to-day operation.

This post is about smaller innovations, not about another big one. There’s a big one coming, but more on that later. For now? For now there are two things I’d like to share with you:

  1. iStill 250 / iStill Pump connectivity;
  2. Brace those legs!

iStill 250 / iStill Pump connectivity

We found out that distillers spend a lot of time pumping stuff around. And that the pumps available to help them out were underperforming. So we developed the iStill Pump. It can handle up to a 1000 liters per minute, so performance issues, while pumping, are no longer an issue. No pun intended. šŸ˜‰

The iStill Pump uses 2 inch triclamps and hoses. All of our bigger equipment, like the iStill One, the iStill Fermenters and the iStill Masher, have 2 inch drains … but the iStill 250 uses a one inch drain.

To make distilling easier for our iStill 250 customers, we developedĀ an adaptation kit, that connects the iStills 250 outlet drain to the iStill Pump. Do you want to get rid of 200 liters of backset in under 20 seconds? Buy the pump as well as the new connection kit … but don’t forget to order the iStill 250 at the same time!

How about iStill 500 connectivity?

The same as with the iStill 250! The iStill 500 also benefits from the new adaptation kit. So if you want to drain your iStill 500 boiler in like half a minute? Add the pump and the connection kit.

Brace those legs!

Those iStill Blog followers that now expected to see some nice legs … sorry to disappoint you! You might chime in the day after tomorrow, though. For now? For now, let’s talk about the iStill 50 and iStill VISION.

Both the iStill 50 and the iStill VISION have a boiler outlet that’s 3/4 inch in diameter. From now on, it is braced to the two front legs. It’s extra sturdy that way! We like that, because the iStill 50 and iStill VISION are relatively small. The relatively low weight means rocking it is easier. Not with the braces, though!

The iStill 250’s 1 inch drain …


The adaptation kit …


Braced legs …


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