A Short Update on Technology

We had a heck of a 48 hours here. Pretty much it’s working around the clock, with the Innovations Team, but it is rewarding. Okay, tiring and rewarding!

What we did? Where we are at? Time to share some of the things we have been working on and that now come to see daylight:

  • New updated programming for the iStill Masher;
  • Firmware v5.10 for the 50/250/VISION family;
  • Tails Control.

New programming to the iStill Masher

The Masher’s software allows you to dial in a mash scheme with up to 7 steps. Proteine rests, sacharification, boiling, cooling down prior to starting up fermentation. You name it, you can dial it in. What we now addded is a library to the Masher’s computer. If you like to run a certain mash procedure for – say – a rye whiskey, another one for your Bourbon, and a third one for your wheat vodka, you can now save the procedure for later use. You dial in a mash scheme once, you then save it for future deployment.

Firmware v5.10

We cleaned up a lot of things behind the scene and further upgraded the firmware’s capability to deal with strong magnetic fields. The most visible thing we changed for you? If you push the “stop” button, you now get asked the question: “Are you sure?” We don’t want you to prematurely abort your run!

Tails Control

Today we finished the Beta version of my new Tails Control Program. This additional piece of programming allows you, when in potstill mode, to further push back tails … or to have them smear in a little earlier. Just so you can make the EXACT drink you want, with more or less (early) Tails, and with more or less smearing of these early Tails into Hearts. Heck, if my theory is right, you can even push back Tails to the level where the Hearts cut is as big as possible without the risk of ruining the batch due to overcontamination!

“If your theory is right, Odin”? Yes, I think we can do it, but I first want to test it! So … follow the iStill Blog and our Facebook page and stay up to date. For sure, I will keep you posted.



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