iStill 500

There’s a new member to the iStill 250 family! We now also deliver the iStill 250 with a 500 liter boiler. That’s 130 gallons nett.

The iStill 500 has the same column and management systems as the iStill 250. The same breath taking performance at bigger capacity:

  • Potstill stripping functionality;
  • Potstill finishing capability;
  • Pure distillation at 96%;
  • Integrated carbon filter;
  • Automated programs for Fores, Heads, Hearts, and Tails;
  • Makes whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, gin, and neutral;
  • Robotized column for maximum control;
  • Power manager for manual override;
  • All glass catalyst with copper packing.

Due to the bigger size, the iStill 500 can only be transported by ship to your nearest sea port. It’s transport by truck from there onwards.


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