Registration Procedure iStill Forum

We created the iStill Forum to have a place where we can meet in a more interactive way. The iStill Blog is very much about us sending out messages. It is quite difficult to use the iStill Blog for a discussion. Blogs are just not built to support that. Forums are.

So hence our iStill Forum at Supported by iStill and for iStill customers and enthousiasts.

But how to register? Technically that’s pretty easy. You go to the forum and apply for membership. We then get notified and can allow or deny the application.

In reality, it is very difficult to check if the applications we get is legit. Is it from an actual person or from a robot? In other words, we get a lot of robots trying to enter the Forum in order to put up spam on, for instance, Viagra. And even though we beefed up the security, it is still hard to tell.

So this is what we want new (human, not robot) members to do, when they want to register to our Forum:

  1. Fill out the registration form on;
  2. Send a personal email to;
  3. Put your forum name in the header and introduce yourself in that personal email to us, please;
  4. If email and registration form match, we can do a better job at allowing you in, while keeping the robots out.



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