Building the iStill Masher

The iStill Masher allows the Craft Distiller to cook and mash up to 2000 liters (520 gallons). It is a double boiler design with a special oil and heating system for cooking and step-up mashing, and a cooling system for crash cooling or step-down mashing.

The bottom dweller agitator design further increases versatility.

A smaller manhole at the top helps easy filling, while a big manhole to the side helps with easy access and cleaning.

The iStill Masher has two bottom drains and two side drains. All are designed to work with the iStill Pump and its Easy Clamp System. There’s fifth drain for if you want to take the oil out.

The touch screen computer helps you with your cooking and mashing scheme. One chimney takess care of spent gasses, the other of boiled of water.

And there’s a design change! For the iStill Masher as well as for the iStill One … from now on we replace the black insulation cover by a stainless steel metal sheeting.

But how is the iStill Masher actually built? Here’s a photo impression:

The inner tank …


Harnass for the 80 liter cooling system …


Welding …


More welding …


Manhole and drains …


First insulation …


Full insulation …


100 BHP heating system …


Agitator and engine in place …


What’s in a name …


Dual chimney system …


Close-up of the Easy Draining System …


The bottom-dweller agitator design …


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