The iStill Masher helps you cook and mash. You probably know that it has a nett capacity of 2,000 liters (520 gallons). It is also equiped with a bottom dweller designed agitator and touch screen computer management system.

To further enhance its versatility, the iStill Masher has a double jacketed boiler, filled with an oil bath. This iStill Blog post is about the iStill Masher’s oil.

Really? An iStill Blog post on oil? Yes, really. And here’s why. Since the iStill Masher deals with 2,000 liters of mash and since it deploys over 100 horsepower … the oil we use is important.

Therefore, there will be two options you can choose from:

  1. Non-food grade oil;
  2. Food grade oil.

The non-food grade oil we provide as a standard. It is both synthetic and specifically designed for application in non-pressurized equipment.

The food grade oil is also synthetic, is also designed to work under non-pressurized circumstances … and is allowed to be used in food related processes.

Does the oil mingle with the spirits you will be making or the mashing you will do? No, it does not. So is food grade oil essential? No, not from our perspective. But some governments, like the European Union and Canada do. In any food (or beverage) making process only food grade oil is allowed. Even when the oil is nowhere near the actual product. It’s just the way it is in the EU and Canada, from a legal perspective. In the USA, for example, it is no issue whatsoever. If you are based in the USA and want to mash with an oil bath, you can just use our non-food rated oil.

The way we help you out is by providing two basic oils. As mentioned above, one is synthetic and designed for non-pressurized equipment. That’s our standard oil. The other option we provide is the food grade oil. It comes with certification and adds € 1,500.- to the paycheck. That’s € 1,500.- for 380 liters of synthetic, non-pressurized, and food grade oil.


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