Sunday Joke

Mr. Thebhoy sharing a personal story? Who knows …

After a few too many glasses of the good stuff I fell into bed, somewhat delightfully intoxicated.
Well sometime through the night I found myself in front of St. Peter being told that I had died in my sleep…talk about being distraught, after what seemed like an age of tears, sadness, and utter shock, I begged and I pleaded to be given another chance, another life, I kept crying that I was too young to die and if given another chance I would make the most of it.
After a while St Peter said that they would give me another chance but that there was one catch, I could only go back to earth as a chicken….a feckin chicken….. :( but as is often the case, beggars can’t be choosers … so there’s me, first day on the farm, not knowing what’s what and scratching around in the dirt when I suddenly have some strange feelings come over me and some discomfort and grumbling movement in my lower abdomen…. not knowing what was going on and as the pain started to get worse I started to screech a bit, in panic. Then I hears a voice talking from behind me, I turn round to see the farmyard cockerel standing there in all his glory…. “relax”, he says ….” your first time I guess”, he could tell,

“you are about to lay an egg, relax and just let it go”

Well, I took his advice, relaxed and, low and behold, within a few seconds, to my amazement, out it popped, a beautiful shiny egg………………….I felt elated, proud and, so good, that I decided to lay another one, then another….and just as I was about to lay yet another, all of a sudden, there was this massive whack to the side of my head and a screaming screeching squawk down my ear………………..

“Wake up! ….. Wake up! … you dirty drunken bast**d! …… your sh*tting the bed!”


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