iStill Fermenter in Canada

Here are three pictures (click to enlarge!) of the iStill Fermenter 2000 we shipped to Tower Hill Road Distillery in Canada. And here’s the feedback we got from them:

Hello Odin

We have installed the fermenter last Tuesday. Definitely not an easy task. 
First I must say that the crating/packaging was very good. Everything stayed in place during shipment and arrived without a scratch or a dent. Good note for that. 
Rising the beast needed a 1T ratchet hoist, as you had indicated. I would definitely not advise any of your purchasers to try to lift it otherwise. 
The tricky part was to install the stirring mechanism: motor, shaft and agitator. Motor and shaft weight more than 100kg and need to be delicately lifted above the fermenter and lowered through the top opening. Four rather vigourous guys sweated and sweared for what seemed an eternity. 
Next time, we will use an hydrolic fork lift to place the shaft and motor into position. Furthermore the free height in the distillery (about 5 meters) was barely enough to accomplish the task. Next one will be assembled outside and rolled back in with shaft and motor in place. 
Quick overview of the fermenter: looks great!!!
We can’t wait to get the hardware and start toying with it!!

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