Website Make-over

Our website is being updated at this moment. We expect to publish in the coming week.

Some statistics on how was visited in 2014? Here we go.

The website got over 86,000 visits from 30,000 unique visitors.

Our Youtube Channel, iStill TV, has been visited over 10,000 times. We expect that number to grow in the coming months, because we plan to release more movies. For instance on the new Firmware V5.02, with Automated Tails Collection. Rum making, distillation design principles, theoretical discourses, and much, much more!

In fact … I want to ask you to tell us what you want us to shoot. What movie, on what topic would help you out most? Please let us know!

On Facebook we now have over 1250 likes. And the iStill Forum, launched only a day ago sees its first visitors, members, and posts.

Paraphrazing that ancient Chinese wisdom: “May you live in internet times!”