iStill Forum? Just checking …

Hi guys,

There’s lots of English speaking iStill customers now. Is it time to start an iStill Forum? For members only. For iStill cutsomers only. Or maybe for people interested in maybe purchasing iStill equipment in the future as well?

I am thinking along the following lines. “Sharing” is the new “Giving” and “Community” replaces “Competition”.

More concretely or more concord:

  • A forum for iStill users can create a stronger community of people helping one another out;
  • A community, where iStill users can share recipes, for instance;
  • Or where they can discuss distillation approaches “(what menu settings do you dial in, when making gin or whiskey or brandy or vodka or rum);
  • Where we can discuss what we need in the next firmware update, so we can prioritize software development;
  • A place here new users can learn and be tought by the experiences shared by others;
  • A forum where more experienced members can challenge one another;
  • Etcetera.

I have always felt that we needed a sort of critical mass for an iStill Forum to be of benefit. Have we reached that? I do not know for sure.

But I do know that there’s a lot of info in my head that I want to share. On theory of distillation. On design. On how we could (and maybe should) move the craft of advanced micro distilling forward.

The same holds true for iStill’s Chief Production Officer (CPO), as well as for the guy responsible for automation and robotization, our Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). They have ideas to share, innovations that need challenging.

More important than what we feel: we get more and more requests from customers around the world, that want to share experiences, that want to be able to discuss with other master distillers how to approach certain products with certain specifications …

So here’s my question, and there’s a poll that goes with it. Should we start an iStill Forum? Please give us your opinion and/or feedback!


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