The iStill Masher/Fermenter

With the new firmware, the iStill Fermenters can now be used as mashers as well as fermenters! You now get twice the functionality … and pay only once. Here’s an update on what the Masher/Fermenter offers, how you can use it, and how much it costs.


  • Net mashing and fermenting capacity sizes of 500, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000 or 3.000 liters;
  • Water jacket for cooling and heating;
  • Automated temperature control for mashing and fermenting: from 10 to 75 degrees C;
  • Computer Aided Mashing (CAM) and Computer Aided Fermenting (CAF);
  • Automatic cooling via automated water intake to the water jacket (up to 10 degrees C);
  • Automatic heating via heaters submerged in the water jacket (new: up to 75 degrees C);
  • Automated distribution of water within jacket for the most effective and energy efficient coolling and heating water;
  • Automated pressure control of water jacket for safety and efficient heat dispersion;
  • Auto refill of water jacket;
  • Three 2 inch drains for above the grain mash/wash take-off;
  • One 2 inch drain at the bottom for non-grain take-off or grain discharge;
  • Fully integrated to work with the iStill One and the iStill Pump;
  • Wheels for easy transport;
  • Bottom dweller stirrer design;
  • Touch screen computer.

How to use it? In various ways:

  • Step-down mashing;
  • Fermenting;
  • Molasses cleaning.

For step-down or single infusion mashing:

  • Add hot water (from the iStill Water Cooker) and grains to the iStill Masher/Fermenter;
  • Put the agitator on;
  • Let the starch extract from the grain;
  • Dial the iStill Masher/Fermenter in to cool to 60 – 62 degrees C;
  • Add malt or enzymes for starch-to-sugar conversion, while the iStill Masher/Fermenter keeps the strike temperature stable until full conversion is achieved;
  • Let the iStill Masher/Fermenter cool the mash to fermentation temperature.


  • Add the yeast;
  • Dial in the temperature at which you want the fermentation to take place;
  • When the fermentation is done, transfer the wash into your still.

Molasses cleaning;

  • Add molasses and  boiling water (from the iStill Water Cooker) to the iStill Masher/Fermenter;
  • Put the agitator on;
  • Cool to fermentation temperatures;
  • The hot water will make most of the nasties (ashes, fibres) settle at the bottom of the iStill Masher/Fermenter;
  • Drain the cleared molasses and ferment them;
  • Clean out the iStill Masher/Fermenter, in order to get rid of the ash and fibre material, so she’s ready for another run.

Pricing the iStill Masher/Fermenter:

  • iStill Masher/Fermenter 500: € 6.995,-;
  • iStill Masher/Fermenter 1000: € 8.995,-;
  • iStill Masher/Fermenter 2000: € 12.995,-;
  • iStill Masher/Fermenter 3000: € 14.995,-.

The iStill Masher/Fermenter 2000 …


The iStill Masher/Fermenter’s manhole …


Easy Discharge System …


20 bhp stirrer motor, top manhole, CO2 releases …


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