Hot Water Management

Did you read the Blog Post with my thoughts on an Easy Mashing Technology, where you could use the iStill Fermenter for mashing hot-rolled, flaked or grinded grains, provided there’s a source of boiling water nearby? No? Shame on you! Please read that post. If you don’t, this one won’t make any sense, that’s why!

So, let’s assume you now read the previous Blog Post. And let’s assume you have the iStill Fermenter and you want to use it for Easy Mashing. Where do you get your hot water from?

Here’s the answer: the all new iStill Water Cooker. What it is? It is a 3,000 liter water cooker. Right up your alley? Your cup of tea! And we also have a 2000 liter version.

The iStill WC (what’s in a name!) is an electrically heated and insulated container that provides you with up to 3,000 liters of hot water. How hot? Anything up to boiling. You dial it in and it will get you there.

How is it managed? Via our new computer. The one you may know from the iStill Fermenters and the iStill One. Touch screen, interactive, the works. You can choose any temperature you want.

How it is heated? Via three six kilowatt submerged electrical heating elements. That’s 18 KW in total. Right, the same as the iStill 250 in heat-up mode. The heating elements sit directly in the water for maximum heat transfer and energy efficiency. And you can’t scorch water, can you?

More on efficiency? The iStill Water Cooker is insulated. Heat loss is efficiency loss. That’s why we want to minimize heat loss.

More on performance? The iStill Water Cooker brings 3,000 liters (760 gallons) of room temperature water to a boil in under 15 hours. Or much less, if you re-use hot cooling water from your distillation runs. And don’t forget: 3,000 liters of boiling water is enough to mash two times 2,000 liters.

Like this:

  • You add 1,500 liters of boiling water to an iStill Fermenter 2000;
  • You now add 400 to 500 kilo’s of cracked, milled, or flaked grain and stir it in;
  • Let starch extraction take place, using the agitator, while the mash gradually cools down;
  • Now, cool the mash to a strike temperature of around 62 degrees C;
  • Add the malt of the enzymes and keep the mash temperature at strike temp;
  • When full conversion is reached, cool to 30 degrees C, add yeast, and start the fermentation process.

One iStill Water Cooker allows you to mash up to two 2,000 liter mashes of around 8 to 9% per working day.

The iStill Water Cooker is not just helpful when you want to mash. It can also help you out cleaning your molasses …

You can now order the iStill Water Cooker for the introduction price of EUR 9,995.- for the 3,000 liter version. The 2,000 liter version costs EUR 8,995.-. That’s for orders payed in the first quart of 2015.


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