Firmware 5.0: Automated Tails Collection

As of next week we upgrade the computers to the iStills 50, VISION, and 250 to Firmware Version 5.0.

What’s new? Automated Tails Collection!

In rum making as well as in whiskey making, Tails Collection is important. There’s lots of taste in the tails, and many Master Distillers collect them and add them to the next strip run.

So far, the iStills had the possibility to set an end temperature. You could use that menu option to define the Hearts to Tails Cut. But if you wanted to collect Tails after Hearts were taken, you had to restart the iStill, dial in a new, higher end temperature (for instance 99 degrees instead of 95 degrees Centigrade) in order to collect the tails.

With Firmware Version 5.0 we make things easier.

The will now provides you with two end temperature settings:

  • 2a: this is the end of total run temperature;
  • 2b: this is the end of the Hearts Cut.

If you choose Pot Distillation, you will get an additional screen, where you can decide to either finish the run at the pre-set end temperature (for instance: 2a at 95 degrees Centigrade) or you can decide to have Automated Tails Collection after that.

If, for instance, you set end temperature 2a at 99 degrees C, and you dial in end temperature 2b at 95 degrees C, the iStill will now collect Hearts until t=95. When t=95, the iStill will automatically change output to the Fores/Heads/Tails tap to receive the Tails cut as long as the temperature of gasses entering the column is between 95 and 99 degrees C. Do make sure you have a long hose attached to the FHT-tap! And make it drain into a large enough collection Tails Collection vessel.

In short? Automated Tails Collection does just what it says: it allows you to dial in your Tails Cut, and to collect the Tails seperately and automatically!

Customers that want this upgrade can ship their computer back. The upgrade, together with transport costs, is available for € 100,-.


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