Circle of … Life?

Just sharing a thought. A thought that may lead somewhere … Hot water can help you out as a distiller, right? It makes for easier and faster mashing procedures in whiskey or vodka making, since you don’t have to heat-up that long anymore. Hot water helps the rum makers amongst us by dissolving their molasses easier, faster. And it helps us rinse out things after a run is done. Hot water that is, not the molasses.

Now, the iStill One and the iStill Fermenter don’t just produce hard likker. And I guess that’s my “revelation”, for lack of a better, less exaggerated word.

Our stills also produce relatively warm water … cooling water. I feel an idea itching at the back of my head …

iStills producing warm water, warm water being heated a bit further for mashing purposes, hot water used for cheaper mashing, for easier dealings with molasses, for starting up new ferments at 30 instead of 20 degrees C. Mashing and fermenting in a more efficient manner, feeding those iStills One and 250 with cheaper and faster made & finished fermentations … to complete the circle.

Water management. Re-usable energy from cooling water for a more energy efficient and faster total process of mashing -> fermenting -> distilling … it makes my head almost spin with new ideas. Hmm … I won’t get much sleep tonight, but if I do fall asleep, for sure I’ll meet Elon Must again …

Sweet dreams to all of you! I am sure I will have one, if only I can keep my brain from spitting out new ideas!

I feel it in my bones: in the next few days or weeks, iStill will take another huge leap forward, making distilling easier again … I will keep you posted. Not sure yet on what exactly, but when I do know, I promise I will tell you!


Regards, Odin.

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