Firmware 4.03

As of today, we will upgrade the firmware for our iStills 50, VISION, and 250 from 4.02 to 4.03. What changes? Well, we changed the way in which you can dial in the initial Fores Cut.

Up until now, you could manually adjust the Fores Cut to as low as 76 degrees Centigrade. We found out that’s not low enough.

Some of our clients live high up in the mountains. Think “Rocky Mountains” and elevations of 2,500 meters. At those altitudes water, ethanol, or any mixture of both of them, boil at lower temperatures. Sometimes even a low temperature Fores Cut at 76 degrees Centigrade just wasn’t low enough. The result? Too large a Fores Cut.

With our new Firmware, version 4.03, we fixed that. iStill customers can now dial in the initial Fores Cut down to as low as 60 degrees Centigrade. That way anyone can adjust this initial cut, depending on altitude.

Did we also adjust for Heads Cut? No, there was no need for that. The Heads Cut is taken automatically and the iStills autocorrect for altitude variations.

Anyone out there living above 2,000 meters? Just let us know. If you ship back your computer, we will upgrade you for free. You only need to pay for shipping costs …