A Happy New Year!

The iStill Team wishes you a happy new year! These days are about looking back and about looking ahead. Let’s make that so in this post as well. Let’s dive into 2014. And let’s see if we can look into the future a bit to decide what 2015 will bring!

For iStill 2014 had a few key events. Or maybe more than just a few. Here’s a selection of things worth remembering:

  • Introduction of power management to the iStill 50 and 250 range, allowing for faster stripping and a more controlled finishing run in both whiskey and vodka mode;
  • Introduction of the new column with 4 in stead of 3 probes for an even more precise heads cut as well as optimized tails control;
  • The new performance run, where our 2 inch diameter iStill 50, with the above innovations, managed to produce over 4.25 liters of 96.5% per hour – setting new world records;
  • Our visit to South Bend, USA, where the iStill 250 defeated a $ 180,000.- Holstein in a direct confrontation;
  • The introduction of the new iStill One, the iStill Fermenter range, and the iStill Masher and iStill Pump now allow us to offer compleat turn key distilleries around the world;
  • Opening the first iStill Center at the Marlyn & Barrel Distillery in Florida, and running the iStill One over there: mind blowing efficiency combined with mind boggling taste transfer;
  • The iStill Weekend in Amsterdam …

I think it is fair to say that 2014 was about one thing, and one thing only at iStill: innovation. We launched a new feature or product every month.

Will 2015 have the same emphasis? No, it won’t. Next year will be about innovation as well as augmented production capacity.

With iStills One on their way to Australia and Canada, with huge orders coming in from Turkey to the West Indies, from France to South Africa, the market tells us we took the right design decisions in 2013 and 2014. More and more people are buying our equipment, and the order size increased exponentially in 2014.

Now, let’s create the iStill Factory that goes with the increase in demand as well as the move towards bigger and more integrated compleat distillery solutions! If there is one thing I want to prevent, it is that our lead times would sky rocket.

And yes, we will keep on innovating as well! Do you want to know more? Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during the first quarter of 2015:

  • Easy Mashing Technology;
  • Automated Tails Collection;
  • Enhanced Menu Structure;
  • New firmware;
  • Hot Water Management.

Please follow the iStill Blog and our Facebook Page to keep up!

Things went very well in 2014. And things are looking great for 2015. For the Craft Distilling Business as well as for our venture.

On behalf of the iStill Team I want to thank all of you for following us, for ordering at iStill, and for running our equipment. It is because of you that we are in business. It is because of you that we can keep on innovating! Thank you for allowing us the chance to help you change the way Craft Distilling is perceived all over the world.


Odin & Team


“Northern Lights over Scandinavia”

Picture taken by our dear client mr. Tron

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