Let’s party!

Coming Friday the iStill Team will assemble for a great weekend in Amsterdam together. After a year where all of us have been putting in 60+ hours work weeks time and again, it is now time to party and have some fun together!

We reserved rooms in a nice and cosy hotel in the Amsterdam “grachtengordel”. City center, next to the canals, for those who do not speak Dutch. Friday at 6 PM that’s where we will assemble.

It will only be a short walk to the restaurant, where we will start the weekend by dining together. What’s on the menu? Well, apart from genever, beer, soup, steaks, and dame blanche, I will do a short presentation on where we stand and on what iStill’s goals for 2015 are. We will also elect and celebrate iStills Co-Worker of the Year 2014.

After dinner follows a walk through Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. At around 10 PM we will visit a famous night club that gives a whole new meaning to the concept of the “Banana Split”. We will finish the evening with some more beers, for sure, in a real Amsterdam pub.

Saturday, after breakfast, the ten of us will tour Amsterdam’s canals by boat. Lots to see and share.

A visit to the Heineken Experience Museum comes next. Accompanied by a few Heineken beer’s? Who knows …

When the Heineken Museum is done, we’ll walk back towards the city center and have a quick lunch on the way. Fish and chips, maybe a hamburger. Raw herring if the guys feel up to it. And with the stomachs filled, we will introduce the iStill Employees to another famous Amsterdam treat: a Smoke and a Drink in The Bulldog.

The program is free after that. Curious to find out if the guys want to visit maybe Anne Frank’s House, the National Museum, or the Van Gogh Museum … but somehow, I expect them to rather keep on partying until the morning light!



2 thoughts on “Let’s party!

    • Well, we survived the first night! Man, what a party. The 1 mile walk back from the city center to the hotel took us 4 times longer than it took us on the way in. I am sure it actually was 4 times farther! If for nothing else, because we weren’t walking in a very straight line anymore!

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