Run procedure iStill One: finishing a clear wash

Hi there, here’s a run procedure for the iStill One. Required reading for iStill One owners or will-be iStill One owners. It’s for the iStill One doing a one run finishing approach, to take a mash of 7 to 12% and turn it into a nice brandy, rum in whiskey in one go. For beer distillation, so without (many) solids in the liquid you are going to distill.

One distillation approach on a clear wash:

  1. Add all cleaning sections as well as the catalyst with clean copper packing to the iStill One;
  2. Dial the cut points into the computer;
  3. The first cut point (for Fores and for reduced power input) is always  78.3 degrees C at the output temperature measuring rod, others (for Tails, may vary);
  4. Fill to boiler with a maximum of 1,250 liters of wash;
  5. Set the agitator at 5 revs per minute;
  6. Open up the water cooling;
  7. Fire up the heaters at full power;
  8. The boiler content will heat up in two hours;
  9. The column will be heated in the next hour, stacking Fores and Heads increadibly well;
  10. You will see drips of Fores coming off as soon as 30 degrees C Output Temperature – collect them in the Fores & Heads container;
  11. Keep on throwing 100% power at her until the 78.3 degrees C alarm goes off;
  12. Now, shut down the three outer burner rings, thus limiting power input to around 55%;
  13. The product will come out at a faster rate, but as long as it is no steady stream, it is still Heads, so collect in the Fores & Heads container;
  14. When there is a big and steady stream, you entered hearts – collect in the Hearts container;
  15. Hearts to tails transition can be defined by taste, by ABV, or by seeing that big, steady >30 liter per hour stream of product coming out starting to colapse;
  16. After a first try-out run, this (taste, ABV, stream) will teach you how to dial in the computer for the Tails cut on consecutive runs – you enter this end cut temperature in the computer under “Temperature In” – that’s far enough away from the top of the column to prevent Tails smearing into your Hearts;
  17. When Tails are evident, remove the Hearts container, add the Tails container instead;
  18. Now stop the program on the computer;
  19. Then shut off the gas burners;
  20. Keep the cooling water flowing for at least another half hour, while the iStill One collects Tails automatically, even with the burners off.

This shut-down procedure, after Hearts are taken, is very important, because if you do not follow procedure, gasses that still rise up will not be cooled down to a liquid state, thus potentially causing pressure issues. So I will repeat it.

Shut-down procedure:

  1. Press “Stop” on the computer in order to stop the agitator;
  2. Turn off the gas burners completely (preferably by killing the main leaver);
  3. Keep the cooling water flowing for at least half an hour after shut-down, while the iStill One is collecting Tails.

Since Fores and Heads are very well compacted, we advice you toss them. The same goes for Tails, even though on making a heavy whiskey, one may add them to a next mash for additional grain or peat taste to come over in the next run.


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