The iStill Fermenter 2000

Here are the first official pictures of our all new iStill Fermenter 2000! For Computer Aided Fermenting (CAF). What it offers you? Here we go:

  • Net fermenting capacity of 2000 liters;
  • Water jacket for cooling and heating;
  • Automated temperature control;
  • Automated fermentation programs with various temperature settings during fermentation cycle;
  • Automatic cooling via automated water intake to the water jacket;
  • Automatic heating via heaters submerged in the water jacket;
  • Automated distribution of cooling/heating water within jacket;
  • Automated pressure control of water jacket;
  • Auto refill of water jacket;
  • Three 2 inch drains for above the grain wash take-off;
  • One 2 inch drain at the bottom for non-grain take-off or grain discharge;
  • Fully integrated to work with the iStill Masher, the iStill One and the iStill Pump;
  • Wheels for easy transport;
  • Bottom dweller stirrer design;
  • Touch screen computer.

The iStill Fermenter 2000 …


The iStill Fermenter’s manhole …


Easy Discharge System …


20 bhp stirrer motor, top manhole, CO2 releases …


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