Odin in the USA II

We just came back from a great trip to the USA! Jetlag? Oh yes. Tired? You bet. Satisfied? For sure!

First, we visited Cape May Distillery in New Jersey, where Lee Philips runs the iStill 250 to make a great light rum.

Then we moved on to Allentown, where we helped John Rowe and Anthony Brichta install their iStill distillation equipment for the soon to open County Seat Spirits Distillery. After assembly, testing and training, we hit the road again.

In Washington DC we visited One Eight Distillery. They will use the iStill 250 for their gin and rum production.

Below, you can see a few pictures of our trip. But more detailed stories will be posted soon! About the new computer, about the state of the art technology that makes the iStill One such a great performer, and on running instructions, both in stripping and in finishing mode. As for now, I am of to bed, to try and catch a few hours of much needed sleep. The next visitor to our iStill Center is scheduled for arival tomorow, that’s why!

Cape May Distillery …

foto 1

County Seat Spirits …

foto 2

Test run on the Allentown iStill One …

foto 3

Test run on the Allentown iStill 250 …

foto 4

Assembling the Washington DC iStill 250 …

foto 5


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