Upgrade from brew pub to distillery pub!

Brew pubs pop up faster than mushrooms on a wet autumn day. It is so today, it has been so for over an decade. But why stop at brewing? Why not take the next step, and use part of that beer to make a whiskey, a vodka, and a gin as well? Or why not take your brewery’s signature beer and turn it into your signature beer brandy?

If you have a brewery already, it is easy to take the next step. If you have a brew pub already, you don’t just have most of the ingredients and equipment in place, but you also have the audience to start selling your new products to. Or you might use the new distilled products to differentiate yourself and target a new clientele.

The biggest investment any distillery has to do, is the investment in mashing and fermenting capacity. The same holds true for a brewery. So, if you have a brew pub already, what’s the capital investment to upgrade to a pub that offers it’s own strong likker as well? And what’s the equipment needed to get you there?

To start with the second question, I think we can answer that quite easily. The equipment any brew pub – wanting to go “distilled” – needs, is the iStill 250. It’s versatility, performance, automation, and efficiency make it the brewer’s best choice.

On costs? As a brew pub owner, you already invested in the mashing and fermentation equipment. All you need, in order to “upgrade” to making your own spirits as well, is an iStill 250, which will cost you just under $ 10,000. And with that 10 K investment, you can then make your own whiskey, vodka, gin, and beer brandy. Over fifty 0.7 liter bottles of finished product for every 5 hour run you do, that is.

At your service!



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